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Téléchargements gratuits pour les livres en ligne Alyia  - Lady Love 9798889900498 par Kit Fox (Litterature Francaise)

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  • Alyia - Lady Love
  • Kit Fox
  • Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2
  • ISBN: 9798889900498
  • Editeur: Trient Press
  • Date de parution: 2023

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Téléchargements gratuits pour les livres en ligne Alyia - Lady Love 9798889900498 par Kit Fox (Litterature Francaise)


In the enchanting world of Lady Love Book 2: Alyia, immerse yourself in a tale where love and friendship transcend time itself. Alyia Tito, a captivating young woman, finds herself drawn into a realm where vampires exist, and time behaves in extraordinary ways. When Alexandria Love, a determined and mysterious woman, walks into Alyia's life, everything changes. Alexandria introduces herself as Alyia's new best friend, and with her arrival, an unexpected journey unfolds.
Alyia, trapped in California State Prison after a harrowing incident, is accustomed to the presence of activists and reporters exploiting her story. However, Alexandria offers something different-an opportunity to reclaim her life. As Alexandria unveils her plans to expose the truth behind Alyia's imprisonment, the two women embark on a quest for justice, challenging the powerful men who orchestrated the cover-up.
Bound by an unspoken promise, Alyia must trust Alexandria's unwavering determination and unearth the strength within herself. Intrigue and secrets abound as Alexandria navigates the complexities of her magical abilities, while Alyia faces the daunting task of rebuilding her shattered life. Amidst the chaos, a deep connection begins to blossom between them, defying the constraints of time and circumstance. Together, Alexandria and Alyia will navigate a treacherous path, confronting their own fears and unlocking a love that transcends the boundaries of their reality.
Will they succeed in their quest for justice and find solace in each other's arms? Dive into the mesmerizing pages of Lady Love Book 2: Alyia, a riveting romance novel that seamlessly blends fantasy and passion.

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